Fitbit Smart Watch and Image Processing \| Wearable Developer

Fitbit Map
How I developed a solution for displaying map images on a Fitbit smart watch using the always-on display feature
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Vue and Application Constants \| VueJs Developer

Solution for Vue and Application Constants
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Responsive theming in Drupal 7 the GORGES way

Learn about helpful modules and methodologies that make Drupal 7 theming a better experience
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When Free Software is Too Expensive

Commercial libraries are sometimes cheaper
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GORGES begins work for Child Care Solutions

child care solutions
Child Care Solutions serves families in Onondaga and Cayuga counties
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Programming Small Devices with Large Control Abilities

pebble icontrol
Pebble and iControl engage GORGES
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Google Fonts

google fonts
Having trouble with a google font embed working? Here's some suggestions that could help.
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Do Views Make Drupal Site Slow? \| Ithaca Drupal Developer

Pushing a view screenshot uphill
Find out how much using views could be costing you in terms of speed and explore some other options.
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